About Me

ice-cream_lifeisshortI’m a 30-something professional dancer, twerking living in NYC and laughing my way through this world’s absurdities.

Life sucks sometimes. People can be obnoxious. Some days you leave the house feeling like a rockstar, only to just miss the train, drop your coffee onto the street, realize too late that your pants are see-through, and perform a spectacular trip and fall finale into a helpless heap on 8th Avenue. This sounds like a pretty typical day in my life, and luckily for me, the shittiest situations are often what I find the most hilarious. In this blog I’ll explore the most tragic and humorous realities of day-to-day life, discuss and analyze pointless topics of obsession, and give my strong, uninformed opinions on basically any subject imaginable that I have zero business talking about. So basically, wins all around.

If you find that you disagree, or are offended by anything I have to say, I promise I can say with 100% sincerity… that I don’t care. But please, feel free to leave me a nasty comment anyway. You know I love a good laugh!