I Live to Eat.

Cute little girl eating cake

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have that one, great passion in life: The thing that gets them out of bed each morning and guides them through each day; that one thing that not only puts a smile on their face, but lights up their soul.

I am one of the lucky ones. And my great passion is FOOD.

Wonderful. Delectable. Glamorous. Sexual….. Food. It feels good even to type it. I don’t discriminate: Fatty, juicy, bacon cheeseburgers are just as beloved as giant, cruciferous, hearty salads. I love all foods, each in their own special way. I’m like a mother, really. All of my food babies are given equal love and affection.

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The Death of the Headphone…And my Sanity.


With the recent birth of the new suckfest that is the headphone-jack-less iPhone 7, I thought I’d talk a little bit about the recent implosion of cell phone etiquette and abandonment of the headphone. Because lately…Something is happening:

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