My Top 10 Worst Christmas Songs. Ever. 

Okay. Let me preface this by saying that I love Christmas music, truly. The second Thanksgiving rolls around, it’s basically all I listen to until New Year’s Day. But with such a high volume of listening there are some real duds I’m forced to hear over and over again each season. So here is my official, not-qualified-in-the-slightest, list of the WORST Christmas songs out there.  Continue reading

How to Live Like a Made For TV Christmas Movie

img_0206It’s my favorite time of year, when every time I turn on the TV it seems another sparkling new, fresh-off-the-conveyer-belt holiday flick is on. Things are just simpler in the picturesque, low-budget lives of these Christmas-y folk, and in the midst of the real-life holiday season chaos, I sometimes find myself wishing that I too could live in a world where my biggest source of stress is the drama surrounding a white lights vs. colored debate in the Town Christmas Tree Committee. Thusly, I have created a simple and easy-to-follow guide that will allow anyone to transition their lives into the cheerful naivety of their favorite Made for TV Christmas movie. Continue reading